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A Tutorial to Change Headlights to LEDs in 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

This is going to be two things; one is unboxing of the h7 led headlight bulbs I got for the car and a setup. These LED headlights are 4000 lumens and simply open this up there's a light see this is 7th gen guidelines and a number of sticky pads in. The input power is 25 Watts operate operating voltage 12 to 24V.
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We've got the hood open on the Jetta. I will get to work on that manage those covers with a flathead screwdriver and pull them off. Install the led bulb in it, simply pop it in and counterclockwise it. Connect the wire and make certain it connects in the ideal direction.

I'm just going to stir it up, however you have to have your vehicle in the on position so your headlights to go on. I'll see them at night and see just how much better they are. I'm hoping are a lot better because a regional operator they look a lot better than the other ones did and I'm hoping they're a lot better. I'm going to wait a little bit to put those back on, put the hood cable television back on just scored in to lock a few of the tubs, and put the battery covers in, it is easy to do it. Now we'll wait till nightfall comes and we'll see how excellent these lights are.

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